Welcome, First Graders!


Building the Future!
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exploring new classrooms, making new friends, and reading fun books!

Handwriting Without Tears Alphabet


Learning to Read Can be Fun!

At this site, there are lots of fun activities to help you with short and long vowels sounds. There are songs, games, and stories on-line! This site even has activities for your younger brothers and sisters. Check it out! What fun you are going to have!


Sight Word Fun Look what I found! Here is a chance to practice your sight words. Challenge yourself with a few games of Concentration. How many sight words will you match?

Now Whose Monkeying Around?! - Go to the Rainforest and help Monkey get across the bridge!

PBS - Between the Lions - Read stories online with everyone's favorite characters!

Fiction and Nonfiction Stories - The stories on this page are true (nonfiction) and make-believe (fiction). Find a story you like.

I would like you to focus on the strategy of chunking when you read new words. Use the strategies we have been working on to find smaller words in bigger words. Look for word endings, like -ing and -ed. Look for beginning blends like gr, st, and cl. Look at these parts of the new word first, then read the whole word.

Don't forget, always think about what you are reading. Does it make sense?

Most of all, have fun!